Mixing Sessions - Delivered via Cyberspace

I would like to mix on your tracks.

Here’s how it works:

  1. You send me a rough mix of your song.
  2. I listen to see if I feel I can add a worthwhile enhancement to the track.
  3. If so, we speak via telephone about your vision for the mix. We discuss my fee, terms and how you should prepare your files to be sent to me.
  4. You send me the audio files from your DAW session (Pro Tools, Digital Performer or Logic) as an OMF file, which can be uploaded directly to my iDisk (a hard drive in the clouds). You can alternatively send me your project files on a DVD.
  5. I finish a mix and send it to you for your review.
  6. We speak via telephone again to get your feedback. If you would like me to make any changes, the first revision is included free. In the unlikely event of any revisions after that, I will have to charge you an additional pro-rated, agreed upon amount.
  7. I e-mail you a “Click Here” link to download the new mix in a stereo WAV or AIFF file format.
  8. We're finished! Hopefully you’ll sell many copies and downloads. Since I am paid a one-time flat fee, I only ask to credit me:
  9. “Mixed by Jeff Levine at Organic Sounds, NJ”

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