"The most rewarding part of being within the fabric of the music scene for 30 plus years, is when people with who you have been good friends, continue to set the bar a little higher in defining what good music is all about. If heart and soul, and digging into the well of real musicianship is what you love, Jeff Levine sitting behind a keyboard, the console, or a B3, is a man you want to know. It is pure, solid, fun to listen to his work, and even better to trade licks with a real master. I only wish I had more opportunities to do so."
- Jon Pousette-Dart

To play a hammond organ properly is an art unto itself that very few keyboard players have mastered. Jeff Levine is simply the best hammond organ player I know. We met in Boston in 1976. Jeff had just left his gig with the Chambers Brothers, who at the height of their career had asked Jeff to join the band when he was only 19. After moving to New York in 1987, he began landing such coveted gigs as Joe Cocker and Hall and Oates. I really love what his soulful roots bring to the music.
- Jeff Golub

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