Organic Sounds from the best seat in the house
Organic Sounds from the best seat in the house
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Recording Formats:
ProTools (PT10 & 11)
Digital Performer (DP7)
Logic express (9)

Yamaha O2r v2

Yamaha DMP-11
Yamaha KV-802

Audio Interfaces:
2 MOTU 2048mk3
2 MOTU 24I/O
Avid MBox Pro

Microphone Preamps:
Avalon VT-737sp- Preamp/Compressor/EQ
Focusrite ISA-2
LA-610 MkII Classic Tube Recording Channel
UA-4-710D Mic Preamp
Solid State Logic VHD Pre 4 Channels
Solid State Logic MYNX
2 Solid State Logic X-Rack Mic Pre/XR621
Demeter Dual Mic Preamp
1 MXL MPAC 01 - Microphone Preamp/Compressor
2 Presonus- Microphone Preamp/Compressor

Mastering Recorder:
Alesis Masterlink 9600

Monitor Reference Amplifiers:
Demeter Power Amp (for Headphone Cue)
Crown Power Amp (for passive speakers)

Monitor Speakers:
Mackie HR824 Active Studio Monitor
Tannoy 6.5b Monitor Speakers
Yamaha HS50 Active Studio Monitors
ADVENT Monitor Speakers

Neuman U87, TLM49, KM184
Sennheiser MD421, 906e, 604e, MK4
AKG 414, C214, 224E
Electro-Voice RE-20, PL37, 664
Shure SM7B, SM57, SM58
MXL V89, 603

Direct Boxes:
Demeter Tube Direct Box
Demeter Stereo Dual Tube Direct Box
Whirlwind IMP2 Passive Single Channel Direct Box
Red Box Classic

AKG, Sony, Sennheiser, Pearl Drum

Outboard Equipment:
Orban 622B 2-channel parametric equalizer
Orban 424A Gated compressor/limiter/De-Esser

Digital Effects Processor:
Lexicon PCM-80
2 Korg SDD-2000 Digital Delay

Tape Machines (for transfers):
Alesis ADAT XT-20 w/Lrc
(optional ADAT BRC)
Panasonic SV-3800 Dat Recorder

Hammond B-3 Organ in first-class condition with a 122 Leslie Speaker Cabinet (direct
out for tight bass)
Kurzweil PC1X Synthesizer/controller
Wurlitzer electric piano model 200A
Fender Rhodes Suitcase 88 Electric Piano
Yamaha PF-155 Digital Piano
Korg SP250 Digital Piano
Yamaha G1 Baby Grand (for overdubs only @ Organic North Beach)

Music Software:
Pro Tools 10 & 11
Digital Performer 7
Logic Express 9

Roland D-550 Synth Module
Roland Super JX Synth Module
Roland U-110 Synth Module
Korg M1R Synth Module
Oberheim Matrix 1000 Synth Module

Fender Stratocaster Highway One Electric Guitar
Ibanez Acoustic Guitar
Jackson Electric Guitar
Fender Acoustic Guitar
Fender Precision Bass

Yamaha 5-piece Drum Kit w/Zildjian A-Pack cymbals,
LP Conga Drums
LP Cow Bell
Rhythm Tech Hat Trick Tambourine

Instrument Amplifiers:
Music Man Guitar Amp
Peavey KB-100
Peavey KB-60
Peavey Bandit
Demeter Silent Speaker Chamber


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