ORGANIC SOUNDS - Digital Tape Transfer Services:

Now is the time to capture your creative works before these out of date formats become obsolete!

We can transfer your tapes from these formats to audio files (.wav or .aif)

DAT or R-DAT (Digital Audio Tape) 2 Track

ALESIS ADAT (16 and 20 bit resolution) on SUPER VHS Tapes 8-Track

TASCAM DTRS (Digital Tape Recording System)
16 and 24 bit resolution on Hi-8Mm Video Compact Cassettes 8-Track

TASCAM PORTASTUDIO - Cassette Tapes 4-Track


We capture the song files (.wav or .aif) at the same sample frequency as the tape was originally recorded. Pro Tools and Digital Performer are our standard software (we also have Logic) should you want the transferred recoding layout files to be delivered in these programs.

Setup fees: all set-up fees are built into the pricing.

DAT Tapes *
DA-30=$40 (minimum rate)

ADAT Tapes (up to 90 minutes length) **
8-Track - $100
16-Track - $150
24-Track - $200

DTRS Tapes (up to 2 hour length)
8-Track - $125
16-Track - $175
24-Track - $225

End time for DATS
* If you have an extended length DAT tape and know the time the choice content ends, we can stop the transfer early and the actual tape counter running time is billed @ one-dollar ($1) per minute. For example: 10 minutes of content would still be at the $40 minimum. A DA-90 with 47 minutes of content would be $47. We don’t repair damaged tapes/cartridges here, but if needed we bring them to our experts for repair.

** Extended running time for ADATS:
Most ADAT tapes have a running time of 46 minutes. There is a tape length of 120 minutes. For these extended length we bill at the DTRS rates. Turnover time is usually ~2 weeks. Rush service is available. Your tapes will be in the careful hands of experienced engineers.

Shipping and Handling:
Please contact us to discuss rates and the shipping options.

Completed files released only upon payment in full.

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